Market Briefs

These market briefs are available for Indonesian businesses who would like to get a brief information of the Australian market on specific industry.

To be able to get copy of the market brief, Indonesian businesses need to send us an email with regard to the request and provide us with your business profile and details.

ITPC Sydney reserves the right to accept or reject your request and will notify you of our decision.

2014 Market Brief Paper  2014 Market Brief Orthopedic 2014 Market Brief Leather
 2014 Market Brief Knitwear 2014 Market Brief Kakao  2014 Market Brief Hers Spices
 2014 Market Brief Fish SeaFood 2014 Market Brief CPO 2014 Market Brief Buah Tropis
 2014 Market Brief Ban


 2013 MB Udang 2013 MB Stationery 2013 MB Peralatan Kesehatan
 2013 MB Keramik 2013 MB Kerajinan perak 2013 MB Insulated Cable
 2013 MB Essential Oil 2013 MB Cement  2013 MB Battery
 2013 MB Automotive Spare Parts