The 2013 Good Food and Wine Show

June 28th to 30th 2013 - NEWS

ITPC Sydney and the Indonesian Consulate General in Sydney facilitated some food exporters and distributors to participate in the 2013 Good Food and Wine Show, held on June 28th to 30th, 2013 at Sydney Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour.

The Good Food and Wine Show is an annual event conducted in Australia’s  major cities- Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane, to show products from leading food and beverage producers to Australian consumers. Exhibitors come from Australia and also from overseas, such as New Zealand, Korea, Indonesia, and few others.

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Indonesia Pavilion at the 2013 Good Food and Wine Show in Sydney

ITPC Sydney invited some Indonesian food manufacturers to showcase their products to Australian consumers, they are : Garuda Food (, Inti Sari International (, Swallow Globe International (, and Eastern Cross Distributors- an established Australian distributor for Indonesian food products.

Food products on display were varied, such as condiments, snacks, biscuits, and healthy food. Garuda Food showed its famous peanut products, biscuits and snacks, while Intisari International introduced its wafer varieties.


Swallow Globe International that has already had its Australia branch showed their healthy products, the agar-agar. Agar- agar is made from extract seaweed and is a good source of iron and calcium, and also contains high fibre  which is good for our health. Swallow Globe manufactures agar- agar into various product types. More details of Swallow Globe products can be searched at

Another products got strong attention from visitors were Bamboe condiments. Its Nasi Goreng flavour attracted many visitors to come and to taste it, and majority of them gave positive feedback due to its practicality, easy cooking instruction as well as great taste.


Some great quality food products

Comments from Indonesian exhibitors were mostly positive. They had opportunity to introduce and to promote their products to potential customers in this market. Participation in the Good Food and Wine Show gives opportunity for them to do market testing before they finalise their plan to expand into Australian market. On the other hand, it gave opportunity to Australian consumers to get to know some great quality food products from Indonesia.

In term of distribution strategy, Indonesian producers need to asses their entry strategy into Australian food market. Most Indonesian food exporters are still focus into niche market, that is Indonesian and or Asian community. This distribution strategy gives an effective approach to reach their traditional target market, but it also limit their exposure to mainstream consumers.

Some Indonesian producers, such as Garuda Food with its nuts products, Indofood (Noodles), ABC (sweet soy sauce), and Mayora (coffee candy) have used a larger distribution network to enable them to access mainstream Australian groceries, such as Coles and Woolworths. This is certainly enlarge the coverage of these producers to Australian consumers, given the structure of the Australian groceries industry is dominated by those two players.

Several factors need to be considered by Indonesian food producers to be able to access Australian food industry are: composition/ ingredients, packaging compliance, and also adjustment to local consumer taste preferences.

Ruth Samaria, deputy director of ITPC Sydney said the Indonesian Pavilion will come forth a better concept in the next exhibition, which is more unique, able to attract more visitors, and could set an image of Indonesian food products have good quality and are able to compete in the Australian food market. (vndr)